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Ms.Cammie – Your best helper.

Ms.Cammie, it commonly used in the personal care, hygiene and cleaning product industries and they play a crucial role in meeting the demand for convenient and disposable wet wipes for various purposes.

  • Adjustable tissue sizes.
  • Adjustable tissue temperature.
  • Adjustable tissue usage but not waste.
  • Reduce - usage of fabric towel.
  • Increase customer experience.
  • Disposable.
  • Environmental friendly. Reduce using tissue PAPER.
An invaluable asset that elevates your ability to provide superior customer service, it not only enhances cleanliness but also bolsters hygiene standards across various industries’ front desk customer services. We take great pride in sharing success stories, such as the presence of Ms. Cammie in select F&B establishments, beauty saloons, event management companies, and more. Here’s an introduction to the key components and functions of a typical wet tissue machine:
  1. Unwinding Section:
    The process begins with a roll of non-woven fabric or paper material on a roll, which is unwound using an unwinding mechanism.
  2. Material Folding:
    The material is folded into the desired sheet size and configuration which is depending on the specific product requirements.
  3. Wetting:
    The water is sprayed or applied to saturate the folded material, turning it into a wet wipe.
  4. Cutting and Shaping:
    The saturated material is cut into individual wipe sheets of the desired dimensions. Cutting can be achieved through various mechanisms, such as cutting knives.
  5. Quality Control:
    Our machines incorporate quality control mechanisms to ensure that each wipe meets specific standards for moisture content (HUMINITY), size (LENGTH) and overall quality (PREMIUM PRODUCT).

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